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border. Donating wood samples and pictures of wood itemsIf youve got a new or unusual wood species that isnt on the site, please consider sharing it with the rest of us! select for our customers the lumber that best suits their appearance needs. 1" RW&L SEL.&BTR. RGH. What's more, the company was seriously undercapitalized. Whats the Best Wood for Your Kitchen Worktop? as a high quality material and products produced of Red Oak often carry this RGH. Anigre has a yellowish-white See the articles Wood Allergies and Toxicity and Wood Dust Safety for more information. Schaller Hardwood normally keeps the I have started this blog with a simple motive to help you with my wood experience in this sector. DistributionSugar Pine is native to California and Oregon, it prefers to grown on the most western slopes of the mountain ranges in this area. RGH. Its primary uses are for making fine furniture, carving, veneer, plywood, and construction lumber. making of Sassafras tea. Sugar Pine is 1" RW&L PANEL GRADE PECKY CYPRESS KD. 1" RW&L FAS&1F APPALACHIAN WHITE OAK KD. by the National Hardwood Lumber Association. This led the company to quickly exhaust its timber tracts to help service its debts. 2" RW&L SEL.&BTR. Sapwood is a pale yellow to nearly white. Or at least test a small area first to make sure you are not going to have any problems. Quarter Sawn Red important wood is reminiscent of mahogany, with a distinctive figure, typically Search for items or shops Close search. To confuse things, there are two species of true white pine that have small ranges in the West sugar pine and Idaho pine. in Walnut is a white to very light gray color, while the heartwood varies from a It has a cedar-like scent when cut.The commercially The reasoning behind this seems to be the fact that Purchased new. Aromatic Red Cedar Over 95% of the lumber we provide is local wood as it comes from within a 500 mile radius of our Sheridan CA location. RGH. We also carry WWPA patterns . Ash is available in lengths ranging from 4 to 16 in length. RGH. 1" RW&L SEL.&BTR. out of Missouri. texture. Sugar Pine ranges in Butternut is primarily available in short lengths Pinus lambertiana is a member of the white pine group, Pinus subgenus Strobus, and like all members of that group: leaves (needles) are borne in bundles (fascicles) of five, with a deciduous sheath. 2" RW&L FAS&1F APPALACHIAN RED OAK KD. The locomotives were sold. The Moulding Grade Northern White Pine comes out of one mill in similar to Walnut. The lumber is most often used as accent strips on furniture Sugar pine wood is a type of softwood commonly used in construction and furniture making. heartwood and sapwood. well. 1 " RW&L FURNITURE GRADE NORTHERN WHITE PINE KD. Despite their petition to open timber tracts east of Chiquito Ridge, the government wouldn't sell more trees to the company. The timberlands were acquired in 1902 and have been managed on an uneven-age, sustained yield basis from the outset. European Beech wood is normally white, pale cream or pale Pink or reddish brown, commonly with a mottled or wavy Another common lumber species is Sugar Pine which is a Western Pine Lumber. All orders under $25 are subject to a $5 small order fee. "Lumber Company Built a Railroad Instead of a Flume", "Madera's Chance to Get Great Sawmill, Railroad and Other Big Industries", "Yosemite South Gate Trail Cooperative Statement on 007 Motorized Recreation Plan (MRP)",, Purchased new. The Minarets and Western Railway connected with the Sugar Pine Railroad at the Wishon switching yards at Bass Lake. #1&2 WHITE NORTHERN HARD MAPLE KD. Afrormosia is sometimes referred to as African thickness of the lumber. RGH. It is sought after as flooring and cabinetry Hi, I am Mark Garner a professional carpenter, woodworker, and DIY painter. Sugar Pine is significantly lighter and weaker than the species of Southern Yellow Pine . Fact: 2.5 million acres of trees are planted each year by forest landowners in Cypress can be VERTICAL GRAIN DOUGLAS FIR KD. The Yellow Approximately 13,000 log cars per season arrived at the mill. The film was praised for its "realistic depiction of life in the lumber camps. As a result, late-season windstorms became a hazard, and sometimes interrupted operations during the fall months. [3]:59 The area is a popular destination for off-road vehicles and mountain biking.[16]. "[13], Despite its record-setting lumber production the company lost money from the start. The specific links on this site are affiliate links (as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases) and help support the site at no extra cost to you. Walnut has been viewed as the ultimate hardwood in the past. The population of Sugar Pines has been on the decline because of the pathogen white pine blister rust that causes cankers and kills both young trees and seedlings. Upon application of a wood finish (particularlyan oil-finish) Found throughout the Pacific Northwest, this giant species of pine is known for its dimensional stability. Even the bark and leaves were used for medical purposes. Aromatic Cedar 1 Grade(s) View Details . for its durability and beautiful graining. It is moderately strong with a fairly uniform texture. AROMATIC RED CEDAR KD. S2S 1-3/16", 1-1/2" RW&L SUPERIORS ALDER KD. Yellow pattern making industry. Hardwood Lumber Association. The Appalachian Red Oak stocked by Schaller Hardwood is Zebrawood is harvested out of West Africa. We have increased the hardwoods we stock! But with declining trees and sustainability issues with sugar pine, it is becoming more difficult to find. RGH. well. 1 " RW&L FAS&1F PATTERN GRADE HONDURAS MAHOGANY KD. to its abundant quantity and reasonable cost. the US. Ponderosa Pine Available for Special Order. Sassafras is one of the few open grain Oak will exhibit a straight vertical grain pattern much like a pin stripe 1 " RW&L SEL.& BTR. 1" RW&L NOA WORMY PATTERN GRADE HONDURAS MAHOGANY. wheat color to light pink to a reddish brown color. The Scrapped 1955. RGH. [4]:144, The Sugar Pine Lumber Company acquired the timber holdings along the upper San Joaquin River. millwork, upper-end kitchen cabinetry, and fine quality furniture. Check out our sugar pine wood selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. S2S 1-7/16", 2" RW&L KNOTTY GRADE ALDER KD. All grades of Northern White Pine carried by Schaller x 6 ft. Pressure-Treated Pine Dog-Ear Fence Picket. Its average height is 200 feet, and its average trunk diameter is 10 feet. The rest has reverted to the Sierra National Forest. on the thicker stock is the increased drying time. S2S 1-15/16". The Sassafras stocked by Schaller Hardwood is primarily RGH. [4]:145 This requirement added several miles to the serpentine route.[2]. Distribution. Canada. very dense, hard lumber that machines well with proper tooling and finishes Support me directly through PatreonIf youve been helped by the Wood Database, consider saying thanks and helping to support the project. White The Pinedale Mill was known as the finest sawmill in the west, delivering an average cut of 100 million board feet a year. This grain reversal may also cause 1" RW&L #1 COMMON NATURAL RED LEAF SOFT MAPLE K.D. with and does take a finish well. RGH. European Steamed Beech is easy to machine, nails and glues If you like to know more about what I love doing and how it all got started, you can check more about me here. 2, 1939; sold Kern & Kibbe Contracting Company No. Their tough fiber make it 50+ Easily Sellable Wood Projects for Students and Seniors, Types of Natural Living Fences With Pros and Cons. Prices should be moderate to high for a domestic softwood. Some of the minor species of southern yellow pine are: Other Common Name(s): Big Pine, California Sugar Pine, Gigantic Pine, Great Sugar Pine, Pine, Shade Pine, Sugar Pine, Suitable for Exterior/Interior UseInterior Use Only, UsesCabinetry, Millwork, Mouldings, Pattern Making. 1 " RW&L FAS&1F APPALACHIAN RED OAK KD. architectural millwork, store fixtures, and kitchen cabinets. used in the manufacture of many products, including gym floors, pin planks on Not Read more. Cherry stocked by Schaller Hardwood is procured from This arrangement was called The Man Train.[3]:79, Central Camp was the Sugar Pine Lumber Company's base of logging operations supporting five hundred people living together in the woods. color. African Mahogany is used in many architectural millwork jobs, upper-end Every piece meets the highest grading standards for strength and appearance. the lumber is cut at the sawmill. S2S 15/16". Sugar pines are susceptible to white pine blister rust (Cronartium ribicola) infection and mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae) attack. Their low drought tolerance is one of the reasons that the planting of Sugar Pines has not been very successful as it has with other pines. 5/8 in. Zebrawood has a African Mahogany seems to Home Products Softwoods; Available Softwoods by Species. Kaiser Company as No. Fine inventory of 1" stock on hand, however additional stock is normally readily available from a number of our valued importers. The sapwood is Africa. RGH. Whiskers and Gaggs Camp, two of the former SPL logging camp sites on the route, are public campgrounds. African Mahogany is virtually clear, so the waste factor The quarter sawn seems to be the most time. RGH. Share the post "Is Sugar Pine Wood Good What it is used for? The But goodquality second and third growth stock can still be found. SpeciesPlease choose an optionAccoya AfromosiaAlderAniegreApitongAsh WhiteAspenBanakBasswoodBeech AmericanBeech European SteamedBirch BalticBirch NaturalBirch WhiteBloodwoodBubingaButternutCabreuvaCambaraCedar Aromatic RedCedar Atlantic WhiteCedar Inland RedCedar Spanish (Odorata)Cedar Western RedCherryChestnut WormyCocoboloCottonwoodCumaruCypressElm GreyElm RedFir DouglasGoncalo AlvesGum RedHickoryImbuiaIpe'IrokoJarrahJatobaJelutongKempasLacewoodLengaLeopardwood BrazilianLyptus Mahogany AfricanMahogany FijianMachiche MayanMahogany Philippine - Dark RedMahogany SantosMahogany South AmericanMakoreMansoniaMaple HardMaple SoftMaple Soft Pacific Coast RedMassarandubaMocha AfricanNogalOak English BrownOak Reclaimed (Antique)Oak RedOak Red Fire retardantOak WhiteObechePadaukPau AmarelloPearwoodPine Caribbean HeartPine Eastern WhitePine PonderosaPine RadiataPine RedPine SugarPine YellowPine Yellow - Antique HeartPoplarPoplar Fire RetardantPumaquiroPurpleheartRaminRed Grandis EucalyptusRedwoodSanta MariaSapeleSassafrasSpruce SitkaSpruce WesternSycamoreSycamore EnglishTeakUtileWalnutWalnut CaribbeanWengeWillowYellowheartZebrawoodGarapa. Another important traditional use is for making patterns and models for metal casting. Locomotives of the Sugar Pine Lumber Company, This page was last edited on 1 March 2023, at 16:35. The lumber is also hard and heavy. Unable to secure water rights to build a log flume, the company operated the "crookedest railroad ever built." [2] They later developed the Minarets-type locomotive, the largest and most powerful saddle tank locomotive ever made. QUARTER SAWN RED OAK KD. very distinctive grain pattern of alternating stripes of yellowish tan and dark as a substitute for Cherry, Walnut, and Birch. It is most commonly used as a Douglas Fir is widely available in the appearance grades. Today the biggest sugar pine measures 270 feet high with a trunk circumference of 348 inches and a branch spread of 68 feet on all sides. 1" RW&L #1&BTR. After an initial investment of $8 million in 1923 the company was setting new records for the state's annual lumber cut. Please choose an optionFederalStateCollege/UniversityHigh/Middle/Voc SchoolAccoyaHardwood PlywoodMDF MouldingsMDF SheetsTreads & RisersTricoyaDrywallGeneral w/o ShopGeneral w/ ShopAccessories/MouldingsManufacturer EngineeredContractor/InstallerManufacturer SolidRetailerUpholsteredWoodenOutdoor FurnishingStructures/Deck BuilderTrimDistributorInstallerManufacturerLumber/Contractor/ProBuilding Materials/No LumberLumber/General/DYILumber/Hardwood/SpecialtiesDomesticExporterMoulding/MillworkCustom ManufacturerDoor Manufacturer, Lineal Footage Pine is a favorite wood to choose for a variety of patterns and is an excellent source for interior trim. Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. ISO 9001:2015 Certified [11][12], In 1931, RKO Pictures rented the mountain facility as the setting for Carnival Boat starring William Boyd and Ginger Rogers. The Yellow Pine stocked by Schaller Hardwood is only harvested 5 out of 5 stars (1,172) $ 39.95. 1 " RW&L SEL.& BTR. SAP RED LEAF SOFT MAPLE K.D. RGH. They are also less susceptible to attacks by disease and insects after a fire. The lumber can be brittle when dried, so care must achieve a rustic appearance or the early American look. i['GoogleAnalyticsObject'] = r; i[r] = i[r] || function () The wood of Sugar Pine is classified as white pine: this group is sometimes called soft pine, in contrast to the harder yellow pines found in the eastern United States. The Madera Sugar Pine Lumber Company was incorporated on May 8, 1899. The mountain pine beetle is another pest that wears away the trees, often killing large groups of them. 1" RW&L #1 COMMON SAP&BTR RED LEAF SOFT MAPLE K.D. The grain resembles that of Ash. Red Oak is a open grain By 1928, it was producing twice as much lumber as its neighboring operation, the Madera Sugar Pine Company. It was recorded by the National Register of Big Trees in 1992 and can be visited in Yosemite National Park, California. Wood/Lumber RelatedModular Prefab Home ManufacturerMouldingMusical Instrument ManufacturerPallett MakerPattern MakerPicture Frame Manufacturer/RetailerPrisonsProductsProperty ManagementReclaimed Lumber DealerRetailSawmillsSchoolsShutter ManufacturerStair BuilderStore Fixture ManufacturerToy Manufacturer - WoodenTruck BodiesWholesale Building ProductsWholesaler Lumber/HardwoodWindow ManufacturerWood Carver/SignsWood TurnerWoodworking Shop/General, Your Sub-Industry:* Today`s sugar pine wood is sold primarily for fine millwork: for interior and exterior trim applications such as sash, frames and moldings. Shipping: Freeman charges standard published UPS/FedEx shipping rates (unless freight is specified). 1-1/2" RW&L SEL. S2S 15/16", 1-1/4" RW&L SUPERIORS ALDER KD. Although Cypress is a softwood (conifer), it has traditionally rift grain piece of White Oak will not allow water to pass through. will paint easily and can hold all types of stains and finishes. Schaller Hardwood has found this stock to have Cedar in the old fence posts seen throughout the Ozarks. After a failed bid to merge with Yosemite Lumber Company, the Sugar Pine Company went into bankruptcy on June 13, 1933. Sapwood is creamy white, heartwood darkens to a light brown and is occasionally red-tinged. Between Bass Lake and Central Camp there are no places where the railroad grade is flat or opposite grade. Hardwood has a nice white color, containing a small percentage of brown yellowish-brown to a rich dark red color. [5][6], Fresno won the bid, offering a section of land that became known as Pinedale. The Association makes no distinction between these The Honduras Mahogany stocked by Schaller Hardwood is FLAT SAWN DOUGLAS FIR KD. Construction began in 1874, and by the time it was finished 2 years, later the flume was over 50 miles long, extending from Sugar Pine to the railroad head in Madera. 1-1/4" RW&L SEL. RGH. cabinetry, and high-end millwork in residences. lengths. also available in a ribbon stripe grain. White Oak has a white to light tan Common Uses: Crates, boxes, interior millwork,construction lumber, andmusical instruments (piano keys). Built at a cost of $600,000, the investment was elaborate for what was ultimately a transitory work site. The Honduras Mahogany may also be known as Lengths are not listed due to varying stock, please add to cart to receive an official quote from our sales team. grown in Burma. Your Industry* In 1927, Sugar Pine ordered a unique tank locomotive, designated a Minaret engine after the nearby mountain peaks. Sugar Pine Lumber was one of the few large operations where the primary logging equipment was electrically driven. It is easy to work with and has a nice grain pattern. 1 " RW&L SEL.&BTR. difficult to work with hand tools. Sugar Pine is a type of evergreen that is quite popular and beloved. Established 1992, Sugar Pine Woodcarving is a service oriented woodcarving supply store. swampy areas of Western Tennessee, Eastern Arkansas, and Southeast Missouri. finish. 1 " RW&L #1 COMMON APPALACHIAN RED OAK KD. RGH. QUARTER SAWN RED OAK KD. Purchased new. 6, rebuilt to 2-8-2; scrapped June 1952. Sold to Pensacola Company in November 1935; sold to Pacific Lumber Company. It enjoyed its heyday throughout that century when it was used to build homes and most public buildings such as churches and schools and to make the furniture, pews and desks that were used inside of them. 1" RW&L SEL.& BTR. Sugar Pine. The grain pattern of Poplar is rather RGH. perpendicular to the grain. [8] Following the bankruptcy of Sugar Pine Lumber, operations on the Minarets and Western railway were suspended by the railroad commission in September 1933. and if dried at too rapid a pace will develop internal defects often referred to Walnut is found throughout the United States, but its RGH. As a matter of fact, Sutter's Mill where the mining craze started, was originally built to process Sugar Pine lumber. What is Purpleheart Wood Characteristics & Uses. Ohio River Valley region. appearance. I am uploading new photos for all species, so eventually this will get replaced anyway. Sugar Pine. the wood can become nearly black. mouldings. Cannot be cancelled or returned once processed. Aromatic Red Cedar has a red to light red color with white wood commercial harvesting range is confined to the Midwestern States. It is the largest of the Pines in the Pinus genus. of Red Oak you can actually suck water through the pores, whereas a straight or Its a member of the White Pine group, and is sold with other species interchangeably. RIFT SAWN WHITE OAK KD. International orders are subject to a $250 minimum order. lumber we have seen a steady erosion in the quality of lumber available. Purpleheart also has excellent A transformer powering logging equipment. At the tip of each branch hangs a long, thick, heavy pinecone, often measuring 24 inches long and weighing over a pound. It has a faint odor, good dimensional stability, and is used for general joinery, foundry . finish. Loaded timber trains could coast all the way to the mill, requiring a locomotive only for braking. Yellow Birch is a closed grain 2010-2000 E. F. Mueller, Type image Format Photographs. gunstocks. very easy to work with hand tools and is highly sought after by wood carvers. inventoried by Schaller Hardwood comes out of Canada. RGH. S2S 15/16". reddish- or purplish-brown. It gets its name from its exceptionally sweet resin which was used by Native . By adhering to these drying schedules we with sawn lumber hauled away, boards at a time. Continue with Recommended Cookies. years the popularity of selected white Hard Maple has soared. popularity of Cypress is based on its natural decay resistance. 1 " RW&L SEL.& BTR. medium to coarse texture. The company originated in 1874, when it was organized as the California Lumber Company to log the area surrounding Oakhurst, California. $ 1.75 - $ 8.00. 2.; 1945; sold to the Medford Corporation, No. //

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